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With the launch of Vega’s Alpha Mainnet, the Project Team have found many common questions from new users to the network. We have collated the most frequently asked into one place providing answers and resources for each.

What is Vega Protocol?

What is Alpha Mainnet?

What are the risks around using Alpha Mainnet?

What is Fairground Testnet?

What is the roadmap and what features are coming next?

What is the VEGA token and how does it relate to Alpha Mainnet?

Why does Vega have its own token?

Where can I find information about the economics of the VEGA token?

Is Vega part of the Ethereum ecosystem?

Is Vega part of the Cosmos ecosystem?

Is Vega multi-chain?

How are markets created and can they be adjusted?

What price oracles does Vega use?

To keep up to date and read more about this development work you can see the card on the engineering roadmap here, which includes a link to the full spec page.

Can Mainnet fees and rewards be configured?

Is there a detection mechanism in place to detect wash trading?

The Project

Who runs Alpha Mainnet?

What is the Project Team’s approach to marketing?